17 November 2010

Happy Birthday Eric!

Sadly, Eric's birthday fell right in the middle of a very busy week. Luckily, Emily invited us all to dinner at their new house, and we combined the house warming party with a Birthday Party. 
(please excuse the no pants look. Someone had a blowout minutes before this was taken.)

On Eric's actual birthday, we opened the last of his presents: Thomas, Percy, Gordon and James. 
I don't know who was more excited.  Seth or Eric.  

For future reference: if you ever want to get my boys a present, make it a Thomas wooden train.  They are a hot commodity at my house. . .

2 people think my kids are cute!:

Lindsay said...

Gosh he looks so much older. These darn kids just keep on growing up!

SpencernAmy said...

But the no-pants look is so in these days.

Your hair is getting so long! I love it.

When did you get a dimple? I don't remember that.