07 September 2010

Park City

We spent a few days in Park City this summer with Grandma and Grandpa Ward. We loved riding on the free trolley, exploring with Grandpa, swimming in the hotel pool and exploring Main Street.  Do I have pictures of that?  Nope.  I do, however, have pictures of this:

Grandpa took the girls on a ski lift ride.  They admitted to being a little scared, but for the most part, they had a blast.  

I also have these because I thought they were cool. 

I also remembered to bring the camera to the Olympic Park. Which was awesome. The Austrailan team was there practicing.  We spent most of our time there.  Because once we went inside the museum the boys were terrified of the statues.  And therefore we practically had to run through the whole thing.

Do you see that sky? Yeah. The weather was perfect the whole time we were there.  

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