15 May 2010


Eric has discovered the joy of dandelions. And we have no shortage of them in our yard. (Much to my dismay.)  He tries to blow, without much luck. 

But mostly he just hits them and giggles. It just works so much better!

And a token picture of Seth. Because he's "han-som."

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Wonder Woman said...

Every time I read this blog, all I can think is that the name of this blog is perfect.

Scott's Turf builder/dandelion killer worked wonders for our dandelion-filled yard. White bottle, $13 from Walmart. You attach it to your hose and spray everything. It kept them away all summer!

Patty said...

My girls love dandelions also. They think they are so fun.

Rock said...

I know i say this everytime - but man I love that kid's hair!