23 February 2010

Eden and Emily's Birthday

Since Eden and Emily have the same birthday we usually have a big birthday dinner to celebrate.  This year was no exception. We had a yummy Chinese dinner and then the birthday girls opened their presents.  Emily gave Eden this Barbie, which she loves if you can't tell.
The most exciting present, however was this one: a fish. Eden has been asking for a pet for a while now, and knows that we can't have a dog or a cat because of Daddy's allergies, so she started begging for a fish for her birthday. I found a lovely betta fish and he has been named Junie Johnny Ward. Or JJ for short.  Or sometimes Henry.  It changes often.

Emily was nice enough to bring Tayleigh a present as well.  Tayleigh was thrilled with her Valentine's Barbie.

This skirt was one of Eden's gifts. She opened it in the morning so she could wear it to church.  Oh, and yes. I made it.

We game Emily a picture frame with a picture of the kids in it. Seth is just making sure that she knows who everyone is!

We were lucky enough to have Grandma Maughan at the birthday dinner with us.  We all love Grandma Maughan. Especially Seth.

Happy Birthday, girlies!

4 people think my kids are cute!:

Mother Goose said...

Happy Birthday Eden!

j@nAe said...

You made that skirt?! WOA. I'm impressed! It's absolutely darling. Good for you!

Patty said...

That is so fun that they have the same birthday!! The skirt is adorable.

Rock said...

Well it's no Disneyland like last year, but still looks like you guys had fun. Your kids are so adorable.