18 January 2010

More Bragging

Okay, so I made lots of Christmas presents this year.  And I'm going to brag for a few minutes and then show you where to find how to do it, if you are so inclined!

Molded Crayons

I made these from 2 packs of crayons from the dollar store, a silicone heart muffin tin and glitter.  It made enough for each of my kids to have about 10 crayons each.,  You can learn how to make them here.

Jean tiered skirt.

I took one of my skirts that was headed to DI and cut it in half to make skirts for my girls. I got 2 pairs of shorts at DI and cut the bottoms off. I sewed the skirt on the bottom and voile!  Two cute skirts!

Throw Pillows

I made the girls a couple of throw pillows from t-shirts that were also headed to the DI.  I just cut the design off the front and a matching piece from the back. Then, just stuffed it.  The girls love them.

Hair Flowers

These are so easy. And much cheaper than buying them.  The tutorial here is for headbands, but it works just as well to glue the flowers on alligator clips.

2 people think my kids are cute!:

Rochelle said...

very impressive, I'm going to try the skirt and flower clips!

Liesl said...

I will definitely do the skirts and the crayons! So cute! You should feature this on Scream and Hug.