29 October 2009

Eric's Party

We had a little birthday dinner for Eric on Sunday.  Grandma and Grandpa Turner and Emily and Adam came over to watch him open presents and have cake. 

It took a while for him to get the whole present opening idea, and even then needed Daddy's help.  

And after opening pretty much every present, it was confiscated by Seth, never to be seen again.  We're still dealing with that.  

And Mommy accidentally blew out the candle while trying to show Eric how to blow out the candle. Way to go, mom. 

The girls helped me decorate the Halloween themed cupcakes. And this is what Eric did with it:

Happy 1st Birthday, my messy little boy!

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Melanie said...

Cute cupcake. I love your ideas!

Patty said...

So what did you end up buying him? By the way, I loved seeing you last weekend, it was really neat. I hope it didn't seem like I was quick to leave, I was just caught off guard seeing you so I wasn't my self. It was really nice seeing you, we should do it again, more planned next time.

Linds said...

What a big boy! Super cute cupcakes too.