04 August 2009

Sunset Beach

Early in the week we made a trip to Sunset Beach. Let it be known, I am not a beach lover. After a scary experience at age 15 I never go in the water past my knees. In fact, I rarely go in the water at all. But that is generally because I am trying desperately to keep all of my children from drowning, eating sand, or having panic attacks. All of which are common occurrences when we go to the beach.

Apparently, Tayleigh's swim suit is a little too big. I'm not surprised. This is a common sight around our house. . .

The eating of sand. . . (I obviously wasn't doing an awesome job.)

The only child who actually had fun at the beach. She is the adventurous one in the family.

I'm fairly sure Tayleigh never went in the water. She was the first person ready to leave.

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Linds said...

Good times! Tayleigh's such a beach bum! =)

Liesl Shurtliff said...

I'm also not a huge beach fan with kids, but they sure make for cute pics!

Patty said...

That looks so fun. I love going to the beach but we rarely go. So did everything go fine and was everyone safe?