02 June 2009

She's so BIG!

It's official: Tayleigh has graduated from Preschool. Does that officially make her a kindergartner yet?

They sang "these are the people in your neighborhood" and all the kids had puppets. They had a little too much fun with the puppets to remember to sing!

I can't remember what song they danced to, but when Miss Lisa told them to find a partner, the little boy didn't want to be Tayleigh's partner, and I'm pretty sure it was because she is a girl!This is him. He seems to like her just fine now. . .

My beautiful little graduate! We are so proud of her and I cannot believe that she is almost 5. It is one thing to have your oldest turn 5. It is something else entirely to do it again.

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Debbie said...

I'm so impressed that this is a lady who does it in her basement (isn't that what you said once?)! Just from the pictures and stories it seems like a fantastic preschool!

I can only imagine what it'll be like to have the younger ones hit those big milestones. Crazy. Happy day for Tayleigh. Congrats!

Linds said...

She's such a beautiful girl!

Rochelle said...

I am also impressed by the preschool. Congrats on her graduation. She is one pretty girl!