29 April 2009

A General update

I actually have a few minutes so I thought I would give a little family update.

We'll start with Eden. She went back on track last week after being off for 3. She was so excited to go back, especially because they finally finished putting in the new playground for the kindergartners. She still loves school and her teacher. She has become quite the popular little girl and we are working on keeping it from going to her head. (She got to go to 2 birthday parties last week. It was a hard week for Tayleigh.)
She has started subtraction at school and much to her daddy's enjoyment she is doing quite well at it. She still needs some practice when it comes to writing the numbers, though. Her reading skills are improving as well. She read Are you my mother? to Tayleigh the other day and only needed help on a few words.
Eden is both of her brother's favorite. She can get Eric to crack up better than anyone and Seth will voluntarily give her hugs. Something he is quite stingy with. She is a great help and only complains a little. I don't know what we would do with out her!
Tayleigh is still enjoying preschool, but not so much the reading part. Apparently, she will read to her teacher but I still have yet to really see her in action. When I pull a book out to practice reading it is like I am requesting torture. So for now we aren't going to push it and her teacher tells me that she does great working on reading at school, so we'll just leave the reading there for right now.
Tayleigh is our little drama queen. Life is over if she doesn't have any company. Or if she can't wear a skirt. Or if she doesn't have any pajamas in the drawer. Or if she thinks that Eden isn't listening to her. I could go on. . . But she is a sweetheart when she wants to be.
Last Sunday at church Tayleigh got in trouble for turning around and talking to the girl sitting behind us. After she was scolded, she buried her face in Eden's shoulder and sobbed. Quietly, at least. John and I couldn't help laughing a little, but apparently this was the wrong decision. Eden turned to John with the evil eye and told him to stop laughing at Tayleigh. Which of course made us laugh harder, but also appreciate Eden's love for her little sister.
Seth has turned into a handful. He is one stubborn kid. The girls aren't allowed to get dessert until Seth has finished his dinner because if he sees the candy come out there is no longer any chance of him eating the rest of his food. He wants candy. And that's that. He loves watching TV, a little too much. His favorites are "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and "My Friends, Tigger and Pooh." This is especially cute because he has a pooh bear stuffed animal and he will point to it and say: "pooh! Pooh!"
He still only has a few words, but he is getting better. He has started volunteering for prayers, but kind of loses interest about half way through and instead of repeating what I say just repeats the same word over and over again. I think he thinks he's funny. If I really listen to him I can generally figure out the gist of what he is saying. I keep hoping that it will get better sooner than later, but we'll see.
He has a thing for hats lately. He'll put one on in the morning and wear it all day long--including his nap. And the only way he will take it off is for baths. He'll even wear it to bed at night. It cracks me up seeing him run around in PJ's and his Hawaiian bucket hat! Eric has a matching one and whenever Seth finds it he will run and put it on the baby. Luckily, Eric is a good sport about it.
Eric is getting a little happier on a regular basis. He still craves attention, which is hard on Mommy, but we are getting used to it. He is finally falling into a nap schedule, kind of, and will generally only wake up about once a night. (knock on wood) He loves watching the kids play, and I can tell that he likes Seth the best and really wants to play with him, but Seth is usually too busy. I'm pretty sure that once Eric is mobile he will be a much happier kid. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later. He still isn't the biggest fan of tummy time, but he will hang out of 5 minutes or so before completely losing his temper. Especially if there is a toy in front of him. The only problem is that the longer he is on his tummy, the further away he gets from the toy: he has figured out how to move, but in only one direction! Backwards!
I hope that gives you a better idea of what life is like at our house!

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Debbie said...

Thats a great update! It's fun to hear about your kids.
My daughter Kaly is into the skirt thing too right now. Which is a little more bearable this week but she's wanted to wear skirts for the last month, brrrr.

Thats so great that your kids are loving school. It sure makes it more fun!

Len said...

Awwww... I miss you guys! We are coming up in a couple of weeks (May 15-17). I'd love it if we could see you guys. Emma misses Eden a lot, and Gabe would be happy to see any familiar friend. :) Let me know if you can do anything that weekend.

Sara Ward said...

whoops I was signed in on my dad's account. This is Sara. :)

janae said...

I loved the update! My Lija is into hats right now, too. He especially likes to wear ball caps backwards. Funny kid!