01 March 2009

Pajama Party

For Eden's birthday she had a pajama party. (I know, I'm so nice. I let her go to Disneyland AND have a birthday party. I hope she's not expecting this kind of treatment every year.)
All the kids Eden invited wore their PJ's. We had pancakes for breakfast and then made stamps.

We played musical pillows and went bowling down our hall. (it was really funny. We used plastic cups and Nerf basketballs and the most that anyone knocked down was 3!)
Thank goodness Grandma and Aunt Emily were there to help out. I would have died. Or murdered some children.
Eden requested a flower birthday cake.
And while waiting for cake an impromptu pillow fight broke out.
I'm pretty sure everyone had fun. And I'm also pretty sure that this was my first successful birthday party.

3 people think my kids are cute!:

janae said...

You are AMAZING!! After Disneyland you threw her a party - and not just any party, but a REALLY COOL party?! Oh man, I hope my kids never live near you guys because I'm the lamest party mama EVER and I don't need my kids going to your house and getting high expectations! ;)

Debbie said...

What a cool party! You are the greatest mom ever!!!

We're considering doing a 'late night' party this year. We'll have to see. But now I can borrow your ideas! :)

wonder woman said...

If you had murdered the kids, you probably would've died, too. ;) You're such a great mom. Really, Rachel. She's gonna remember this birthday!