02 March 2009

Hurry Spring! Hurry!

We have had some gorgeous days lately and can't help but take advantage of them. Everyone loves to be outside (except for maybe Eric) so we have been spending lots of time out there. And we hardly even need jackets! I love it!

The seats were out of our car and they both climbed up there and snuggled. I was so glad I had the camera right there.

I love his face. I can't help it.
Tayleigh is still riding her tricycle around because the princess bike has 2 flat tires. So much for hand-me-downs. Soon. We'll fix it soon.

Ball-ball. That is what he calls it. And it is his favorite thing ever.

Eden with our row of beautiful crocuses. I just can't get enough of them!

4 people think my kids are cute!:

janae said...

I love that second picture of Seth ... I'm not sure if I want to kiss his face all over or just adopt him. He is SOOOOOOO cute!!

Liesl Shurtliff said...

Oh I wish were getting that hint of spring. But I've trained myself to realized that spring does not come until May here, and there are not very many hints before. Enjoy!

wonder woman said...

Seth does have the cutest little face. Your kids with those lashes and red, pinchable cheeks. They're all so cute!!

Patty said...

It was nice one day here in Logan also and we took advantage of it. The girls and I went on a walk, played outside with sidewalk chalk and rode bikes. I even opened windows, I guess I am really in need of spring.