18 March 2009

Discovery Gateway

When we found out that admission for the Discovery Gateway was free, we jumped at the chance. My girls have been bugging me for a while to go back. Well, yesterday, they got their wish. And even better: Grandma came with us!

Seth's favorite thing was this little police car. He drove it around the whole kid size village and had a really hard time sharing.

It was awesome to have Grandma go with us. I think that she had as much fun as the kids did, and the kids loved having her there. And so did I! Another set of eyes keeping track of three little kids among t he mad house was invaluable.

The girls both did really well on the rock climbing wall. Tayleigh managed to get up it first. She really is a little monkey.

Seth would have stayed and put balls in these tubes for hours if we would have let him.

And of course the visit to the Gateway fountain. Luckily, it was a BEAUTIFUL day and it didn't matter that the kids got all wet.

Seth especially loved the fountains. He got soaked. And then minutes before we left he wasn't paying attention and got shot, full force in the face with a jet of water. He was happy to go home.
This is my attempt at creating a cool photograph. I basically just copied Kiera's ideas. Thanks for the inspiration Kiera!

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hippyrochelle said...

you're such a fun mom! I don't have the patience to go to super crowded places with my kids. I feel like its more work than it's worth.
Hey, do you ever think that blogging makes you a better parent? I think it makes me better because I am looking for fun things to do just so I can blog about them. Does that really make me a worse parent? I'm not sure.

Kiera said...

I LOVE IT! I'm flattered and totally impressed! Great job! Isn't it fun to look for what others maybe don't see? My kids love Discovery Gateway. I wonder if they'll have another free day soon???

The Kemps said...

We love the discovery museum! What a fun day. I wish we could've gone. It's fun to catch up on your blog, I'm sorry that your baby got a sunburn, he looks cute anyway!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I don't know what Discovery Gateway is but it looks like a ton of fun. Isn't it hard keeping track of the kids when they're running in all different directions? Admission was free so who could beat that!!!

Loved the last picture.

Much love from NJ,

Mother Goose said...

What great pictures! I remember when i had to help the girls climb the rock wall.

Rock said...

I'm glad you guys were able to go. I looked for you! :)