24 February 2009

Eden's birthday dinner

Since she was gone for her birthday, we had her birthday dinner a few days later. She and Emily got to open all of their presents together. And seriously, this probably was the best birthday ever for Eden.
Luckily Adam got Emily some good presents because me and my mom just got her boring (but appreciated) ones.
Seth was more excited about Go, Dog, Go than Eden was!
Eden has just opened a Tinkerbell purse that lights up every time you move it. Tayleigh picked it out. "I think maybe she will share with me."
Okay, Eden got the bike, not Seth. But Seth wouldn't leave it alone. So John put him up on it and he LOVED it. I'm going to have to teach him how to ride the tricycle.
We so love Birthdays!

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Debbie said...

Fun fun fun. We love birthdays too. So adorable that Tayleigh picked out the purse so she could use it. I'm glad to see it's a common sibling thing! :)