14 January 2009

There is a fly in my window

Shouldn't they all be dead by now? I mean, really. It is like 30 degrees outside! How in the world did it get in here?
Okay, random. Sorry, I know. I am sitting here at the computer. I vowed to get up about an hour ago, and yet here I am, still sitting. I have many other things that need to be done. None of which I want to do. They all involve cleaning or organizing or dealing with a screaming baby. . . .
I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. And it doesn't only affect me. It affects the other members of my family as well. And I have tried to give it up. Cold turkey just didn't work. So I tried to ease out of it. And it started working. But as soon as I got tired and stressed out I gave in. I put Eric in the swing.
I am addicted to the quiet and and stillness. When he is in the swing, there is no screaming. There is no bouncing up and down. There is no swaying back and forth or rocking. There is only sitting. With 2 hands to serve my every whim. Two hands to type this post. Two hands to read a book to Seth. Two hands to help Tayleigh make a crown. Two hands to wash the dishes with. Okay, I didn't really want to wash the dishes. That part wasn't enjoyable. But you get the picture.
When I first started trying to wean myself off the swing I noticed that Eric started sleeping better at night. We're talking 10 to 6 people. Totally worth it, right? Then it hits about 1:00 in the afternoon and I am tired. My arms ache from bouncing him and my feet hurt from walking around and I am yelling at my other kids because my patience is shot. In short, I'm going through withdrawals. And so I give in. Just so I can eat lunch in peace. And I vow to take him out of the swing within one hour. But then I finish lunch and realize, I still have about 20 minutes left of that hour. So maybe I'll just go and check my email since I didn't get to check it yesterday. So I head to the computer. And check my email. And still have 10 minutes left. So I think to myself, maybe I'll just read a few blogs. So I read a few, then a few more. Then I decide to post. And I look up and realize I have been on the computer for almost 2 hours. And I still can't quite force myself to get up, go in the living room and wake up the sleeping baby, who I know needs to eat and feed him. I'm going to regret this tonight when he wakes up at 3:00. I need serious help.

2 people think my kids are cute!:

janae said...

This made me laugh ... and then sigh in complete empathy. Oh to have a newborn! Good luck weaning yourself. Sometimes you want em to stay small forever ... and other times they couldn't grow out of a stage fast enough!

wonder woman said...

I'm like this with my kids and TV. Except it doesn't affect their sleeping habits the same way.

I'm so baby hungry right now I"m considering coming up there and just holding your baby all day. Maybe that will take some of the hunger away!! I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new, but what about a snugli or a sling? Neither is great on your back for hours, but maybe just 20 minutes? Still hard to eat or type or wash dishes....but....I don't know. Just typing what comes into my mind.