24 January 2009

Sleep is over rated

So I've got this new thing going where I get to put Eric to bed before I go to bed. Which means that I get some grown up time at night, which I havent' really had since he was born. And what do I do with that time? I head to the computer to blog.
And I read and I write and I stay up late.

And when I stay up late I get hungry.

And when I get hungry I eat.

And when I eat I gain weight.

And when I gain weight . . . well nobody wants to see that.


just kidding I take it back. please don't hate me blogosphere, and take away all my comments. please?

4 people think my kids are cute!:

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Glad you're getting some Mommy time. It's underrated and much needed for Mommy...and kids. :-)

Sue xoxo

wonder woman said...

Seriously.....my life. blog, stay up late, eat, gain weight....

excited about the new blog! cute title! =D

Liesl Shurtliff said...

Ha! Sounds like me, only I'm blaming all my weight-gain on pregnancy. But let's face it, it can't ALL be baby! But the peanutbutter is so good!

Patty said...

I am right along with you, except I don't have a third or fourth child yet.