09 January 2009

Ready for my newest rant?

Okay. Seth. This child is a masochist. Lately, it has taken him a little while to fall asleep at naptime. (I think he is starting to out grow them, heaven forbid). So he hangs out in his crib until he falls asleep. And what does he do? He poops. (Sorry. No warning there. This post involves poop.)
And then he falls asleep. And so of course he wakes up with--you guessed it--diaper rash. And he is miserable, and will hardly let me change his diaper. A few weeks ago it was so bad that I couldn't change his diaper by myself: I had to get John in there to help me hold him down. Luckily, this was over the holiday so John was actually here most of the time. The problem is that Seth does this just often enough that his poor little bum never quite heals. We get almost, almost there, when he does it again. He honestly lives in fear of having his diaper changed. A little part of me wishes that he was old enough to potty train. And a little part of me cringes at the thought of that.
(How do you potty train a boy? I have never done that before. I am from a family of 2 girls. I have no experience with this. And don't say, "Let John do it." Cause you know that's not gonna happen.)
So the cycle continues. Maybe once his vocabulary expands beyond "mommy", "da" and "oh, no" this won't be a problem any more. . .
who knows. Until then, I'm keeping Desitin in buisness.

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wonder woman said...

Ugh....no fun. No fun at all. For any of you. I didn't have much trouble potty training Isaac. I waited till he was about 2 1/2 and I got those think absorbent underwear, not pull-ups. Then every 20 to 60 minutes I set him on the toilet. Pooping in the potty took a lot longer -- he'd just wait till we put a diaper on him at night and like clock work he'd go within 5 minutes.

So I really came over to give you that tutorial. =D For the Youtube video, go to the page with the video. To the right, there's a box with some stuff in it -- one of them says "inbed." Click and copy that whole thing.

Then in your post, click the edit HTML tab at the top right. Paste the imbed code there - not in the regular draft form. You follow?

And for the link you can type a word you want people to click on ("this post" or Cindy's "blog"). Highlight the word, then click the box at the top of your draft box that looks like a globe with loops on it. Paste the address in the box provided.

And I didn't figure any of this out on my own. I had to ask people, too. =D Hope that helps!

Adam said...

Ok first thing you need to do is go to walmart and by the equate brand of Eucerin cream. It's AMAZING. Seriously. It's like 4 bucks in the lotion department. Chloe had serious diaper rashes when she was in diapers. They would be raw. My friend told me about this cream and within a few hours rash was so much better and with in a 2 days it was gone. put a ton on the first few times. TRY IT and let me know if it works.

Adam said...

sorry, by the way that last comment was me, ELISHA.

*julie* said...

I know you told us not to but...
"Let John do it."
Hey, it just might happen! Bob did it for Zack! Shocking, isn't it?
I too had no clue how to potty train a boy. As it turns out, Zack just sits anyway. I do have to remind him to make sure he's pointing down though ;) But that's the only tricky part for us.
Warning: the following comment is about poop ;)
Zack actually went poops on the potty long before we could consistently get him to go pee. So maybe Seth would too!
Good Luck!

janae said...

I'm so sorry!! Seara did that for seriously about six months and we were MISERABLE. Every diaper change was a full-fledged fight. We even stopped using wipes (they stung - even the sensitive kind) and started using very, very wet paper towels. And I bought every single freaking kind of paste out there - Desitin, Eucerin, Beudreaux's Butt Paste, etc., etc. After trying them all my hands down, without a doubt, never go back favorite is Balmex. Right before bed we'd paste it on THICK (like 1/8 in) - carefully making sure to cover the parts that are so raw that nothing sticks - then doused it with powder so the diaper wouldn't take it off. Most of the time she'd be greatly improved by morning.

But honestly, I'm sure right now you don't want suggestions. So I'll just commiserate with you ....

That stinks. I'm sorry.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I used to use the Lansinoh Clean & Condition Baby wipes. They're for breastfed babies but even if you don't breastfeed your baby, the wipes are AMAZING!! They're in a purple container. That really helped with all of the diaper rash. They didn't make them when my oldest was born. I discovered them when I had the second baby. He was in the NICU and had such bad diaper rash which bled. The wipes are so mild. I don't think you can get them at the food store but at Target...maybe Walmart, Babies-R-Us. They are worth looking for, I promise. You can also get them online from drugstore.com.

I come from a family of 2 girls too. So when it came time to potty train my boys, I had no idea what to do either. I don't know that there's any real difference between boys and girls as far as potty-training goes. They both sit down to pee to begin with. They also did it on their own timeframe, not mine. :(

Good luck with the diaper rash and the potty training.

Much love from NJ,

Aubrey said...

I'm sorry about that awful rash! It's just a never ending cycle. Cohen lately has been waiting til I put him down for his nap, then pooping and then crying the whole time he's supposed to be napping. What's with these guys? :) By the way, that video on your last post was hilarious!

Debbie said...

Ouch, ew, and I'm sorry. I hope it gets better quick for you. Potty training...I'm so with you there. :)