12 January 2009

Can you be homesick even if you are already at home?

So, this weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Springville Museum of Art to see their newest show: Fused, Formed, Fired. Starring my erstwhile neighbor, Anne. For those of you who do not know Anne she in an incredibly talented sculptor (and inspirational person all around, if I may add).

Her work is so beautiful. In the above flier hers is on the far right. I wish you could see the whole piece because that particular one was my favorite.

An added bonus to the day: getting to see a few Provo friends at the show. Who I have missed. And it was just so much fun to talk to Ray again. Man, he cracks me up.

After the show I was thinking how sad it is to move away from friends no matter how old you get. I lived in the same house my whole childhood. (Well, I moved into said house when I was 2. I think it still counts.) I have friends that I went to elementary, Jr. high and high school with, (and one even college!). But since I have been married we have moved a lot. Seven different abodes, and four different cities. And every time, (well, maybe every time but one. . .bet you can't guess.) it has been hard to move. And not just because it is such a pain to pack everything up and haul it away. And the last time we moved it was just as hard on my girls as it was on us. They had friends! Friends that they still ask about and want to see. But these friends have also since moved and are spread out cross country.

Which is why I am so thankful for blogging. It is wonderful for me to stay in touch with old friends, something that was so hard for me in my previous lives, and it is wonderful for my girls to be able to see pictures of their friends even if they are so very far away. So thank you to all those who blog and thank you to all those who comment. My life wouldn't be the same without you!

(P.S. this is a shout out specifically to Myka and AJ. Eden knows what states you live in and has found them on the map and decided that it doesn't look very far away from Utah. Too bad it takes a bit longer to hop on over to Washington or Arizona in real life than it does on a map!)

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Kiera said...

Dangit! I missed this and I totally wanted to go. It slipped my mind. Bummer. I love Annes work. She is amazing!

Wendy said...

I totally missed it too, but hope to go by and see it before it's gone. I love her work too!!