23 January 2009

Drama Queen

Today I met my own little drama queen. And it's actually not who you are thinking. Her name happens to be Eden. Yep, you heard right, dear little angel baby Eden drove me nuts all day long while her crazy little sister was almost the picture of sanity . . . almost.

It amazes me what brought this girl to tears today. Like, for example, the fact that it didn't rain. She wanted to play in the rain today. (In January? I know, she's nuts). But it never rained. And she really really wanted to play in the rain. What do you say to that?

Or how about the fact that I didn't force them to get their chores done and so (big surprise) they didn't get done. And therefore the girls didn't get to complete their chosen fun activity for the day. Not my fault, right? No, no apparently it is my fault. All my fault. How could I possibly think otherwise?

And I lost count of how many fights she and Tayleigh got in today. I have basically given up refereeing these battles. Either they both get punished or neither of them do. Why? Because when Eden comes to tell me that Tayleigh has hit her, my first question is: "Well, what were you doing?" And more often than not I get a glimpse of a guilty face and some justification of why she was doing something mean to Tayleigh, provoking the hit. Does this happen to anyone else?

You know, I think maybe I am looking forward to Eden going back to school. I may have to give up sleeping in that extra 20 minutes (sigh) but it also means (i hope) giving up this drama queen as well.

4 people think my kids are cute!:

wonder woman said...

Their fights sound like Isaac and Eric's. With both or neither in time out.

aaron&marianne said...

oh my eden! yes she usually is so even tempered! well- then i guess she is normal- she can have drama days! love this blog with such cute kids to follow!

Sara Ward said...

I know all about the drama. The only time Emma ever gets close to getting in trouble at school is because she is unable to finish somehting and cries about it for the next 10 min. Sleep is a big deal for her. She does so much better when she gets 12 hours of sleep. Also, I have good days and bad days as far as fights with Emma and Gabe. The bad days, towards the end, I don't even care. Usually the one to bother me first with a "she hit me, etc." gets a stern, "what do you want me to do about it?" For some reason that makes them go back to playing. Anyway. I feel you.

Patty said...

Rachel your blog entries are always so fun. Your kids sound like what mine are going to be doing. I have given up on refereeing Zeeli and Emma Jo, usually Zeeli fixes the problem though. Well good luck with the drama queen, you seem to handle them well.