20 January 2009

Bear with me. . .

This post may be a little stream of conscious, so sorry if it is annoying.

I have really enjoyed blogging lately, especially using as more of an outlet for frustrations and kind of writing exercise. In the past it has mostly been updates and pictures of my kids, which I am sure will still on the blog often, but I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, (see here), and we haven't been taking many outings lately-partly due to cold and partly due to a screaming baby. So I started feeling like I didn't have much to blog about. So, I started ranting. About motherhood and diaper rash and other various things and despite my belief that no one who didn't already know me and like me would ever want to read my blog, I got a comment from Suz in NJ and I can't tell you how excited I was! Someone that I had never met before all the way across the country was interested in my blog! And brave enough to comment no less! So thanks Suz! You have inspired me.

I am debating about going public -- basically meaning my registering with Mormon Mommy Blogs. But I just hate the idea of having to disguise my family. I have actually been toying around with this idea for a long time. And all of the safety/privacy issues that go along with it. For those of you with this kind of experience, have you had any problems? I know Wonder woman has had much success in going public (you're kind of my inspiration too on this one) so I just don't know.

And then there is my lurking habit. I have read many many blogs of women that I don't know and have never met and I just keep coming back. I even have a few of them on my link list. But I have never commented. I'm kind of a wimp like that. I just lurk and enjoy. But I think I'm just going to have to get over that one. And so, I'll make a deal with you. You guys start commenting more and I will start commenting more. (Well, when I have 2 arms available for commenting. And yes, Eric is in the swing at the moment.)

What do you think?

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3 Peas in a Pod said...

Wow! How did I miss this post? Thanks for giving me a shout out. I appreciate that. I was like you and read so many blogs but never commented. I was afraid for whatever reason. Then one day I commented on one and then sent another girl an email just forewarning her that I was going to comment. Everyone was so nice that now I don't hesitate as much anymore. Sometimes still a little bit but...you get the idea.

I'm so sorry I missed this post. My kids had a holiday yesterday and my hubby was home so they were otherwise occupying me. Just while writing this comment I've had 2 of my 3 kids trying to talk to me, etc. You know how it is, you have one more than me and you have a blog no less!! You inspire me. :)

I was just going to comment on your post about Seth's milk allergy. My middle son has a pretty bad milk allergy. Did you just find out about this? Is this something new? My son will be 4 in a couple of weeks so I've had 3 years of experience in this area if you need any helpful hints. Supposedly he can outgrow it. First it was by age 3 and now by age 5 but I've heard it could be as late as age 10 which would be nice whenever it is. There are just some things he cannot have and I feel so bad for him sometimes. He handles it well as little kids are more resilient than us mere adults. :)

Thanks again for mentioning me. I feel so special (blush).

Much love from NJ,

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Oh I didn't miss it. You just posted it today. Whew!! My big day in the spotlight and I thought I blew it. :)

wonder woman said...

A few months after I disguised my family, I realized that I was on facebook, completely undisguised. So for whatever that's worth....

You sound just like me when I started blogging. It was picks of the kids, then rants, then connecting to other bloggers. I have to tell you that I have made some incredible friends blogging. It's so great to connect to others who have been where you are. I hear a lot about the stereotypical mormon woman blogger who paints this picture of a perfect life.....and I have yet to come across a blog like that. There are a lot of women who are trying to do the right thing everyday and cataloguing their successes. And I think it's great. They're an inspiration to me. But there are a LOT more that I read that tell about the funny things their kids say, or about how their kids (or husband) drive them crazy, or their addiction to reality TV (maybe that's just me!)......basically, I've found a lot of women like me. They aren't perfect, but they're trying.

Do it, Rachel. I know lurking is fun, but you don't get friends that way. =D You can still lurk. I tend to lurk the really popular sights. And I comment on the ones I actually identify with.

You don't have to disguise your family. I know a lot of bloggers who don't. I know a lot who do, too. Even just Girl #1, Son #2, etc. And you can always change your mind.

You can also get sitemeters that track where hits are coming from. And you can change your settings so that searches on the internet don't pull up your blog. I really like the protection that simple thing offers.

Just be warned -- blogging will take a lot more time if you comment a lot!! But it's worth it. I love these women.

Wendy said...

well all I have to say is, what comes around goes around. But then again, it might not be too fruitful at first. I'm listed on Mormon Mommy Blogs too, and I've changed the names of my family members, (where I can remember to do that) and the older posts aren't changed at all.

It's purely up to you.