20 January 2009


I met an angel today. She came in the form of a pediatric phlebotomist.

I took Seth to Primary Children's to get a blood test done for his milk allergy.

I had to take Eric with me because the kid won't take a bottle. (haven't tried all that hard either. it's not like we can afford the formula, so really, why bother.) So I have my huge double stroller. And these rooms in the lab at the hospital were not made for double strollers.

I am sitting with Seth on my lap trying to keep him from freaking out while a stranger--a very nice stranger, but a stranger nevertheless--pokes and prods his arms trying to find a vein.

And Eric is doing what Eric does best: screaming his little guts out. Another phlebotomist came in for the sole purpose of calming Eric down. And she did a wonderful job. My angel.

The first woman puts the needle in Seth's arm and cannot for the life of her find a vein. And to his credit, Seth didn't cry--not a single tear. He was not happy, but he is one tough kid. She had to give up.

She trades places with my angel, who finds a vein on the first poke. And he did cry this time. Having to do it twice just put him over the edge. A sucker fixed that pretty quick. I should have gotten her name. Next time we go this is the woman I want sticking needles into my sons arm.

2 people think my kids are cute!:

wonder woman said...

She does sound like an angel. I love that you recorded this experience.

The labor nurse I had for Isaac was horrible. The one I had for (my) Eric was unbelievable. I actually made her a plate of cookies the day after I got home from the hospital. She was an angel, too.

hippyrochelle said...

Don't you love primary childrens!! I have had a lot of experience with this, and the ones that seem like they really care, and go that extra mile make all the difference.