16 December 2008

Ward Christmas Party

My house is a disaster, the sink is full of dishes, I have about 25 loads of laundry that need to be done but I am happy: do you know why?


It was fun. It was A LOT of work. That is all I did last week. Hence the messy house and laundry. The dishes just result from laziness. Anyway, all the kids got to see Santa and had a great time. Following the Santa craziness (45 minutes after the Santa craziness to be exact. That is 45 minutes after Santa has seen ALL the kids. Yea, we need to work on our timing next year.) the West Jordan Madrigals came and performed and did a great job. The kids loved it and are still talking about it and John-who hates stuff like that-even liked it.

P.S. For those who may be in charge of such an event in the future: 1. 30 lbs. of baked potatoes is not enough for 100 people. 2. Buy rolls of plastic tablecloths instead of individual tablecloths. 3. Never let there be a 45 minute lull in entertainment. 4. Things with kids ALWAYS go faster than you think they will. 5. When in charge of such events, get a babysitter. 6. Following such events give yourself at least a day of nothing to recover.

John took this one. I wish he was this happy all the time.

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wonder woman said...

Cute pics. And good things to know. I'll keep them in mind in the future. We also had our ward party this weekend, and also did a potato bar. I helped when I was there, but did none of the planning. I don't think we have an activities committee in our ward -- just a couple who serves as the chairs. Isn't that weird?