28 December 2008

The Tragic Nature of Disney

I kind of went off on a rampage this evening and I thought you might like to come along.
My children are being brainwashed. And yours are too, if you happen to own more than one Disney movie. Have you ever noticed that parents tend to die tragically in Disney movies? For example:
Snow White: Mom dies, Dad marries wicked queen
Cinderella: Mom dies, Dad marries wicked stepmother, Dad dies
Bambi: Mom dies
Dumbo: Mom dies
Finding Nemo: Mom dies
The Little Mermaid: mom dies (but you don't find this out specifically unless you watch Ariel's Beginning, in which we see that mom dies. Crushed by a pirate ship in fact. Bet you wanted to know that.)
Pocahontas: Mom dies (before the movie's time frame, but still)
Aladdin: there is no mom, unsure what happened to her
Beauty and the Beast: same as above, Belle only has a father.

Do you see a pattern here? Now, let me clarify one thing. I have nothing against single parents. Single parents are amazing people. My problem is this:
It has become common place for my children to pretend that they are orphans, or that their Barbies, or Ponies or Pollies are orphans. I have overheard more than once: "Let's pretend that our mom just died and we have to do this and this. . ." or "Let's pretend that our parents died and now we have to live all by ourselves. . ." WHY I ask you is death a preferable game to having loving and healthy parents? What is wrong with having two living and loving parents? Is it the unknown? Is it the new? And why, WHY does Disney have to foster this obsession? Seriously. I am starting to appreciate The Incredibles more and more because everybody LIVES.

Okay, that is all. But really, I would love to see more movies like The Incredibles.

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Kiera said...

I could not agree with you more! Sophie always pretends that she is dead and Matias has to kiss her with true loves kiss to wake her. I always say, "You're not really dead, your just sleeping." She then proceeds to argue the point. I have finally given up.

This is a little weird huh?

traskrocks said...

Adam and I have thought about this for months. ITS WIERD!! Thank you for expressing my feelings exactly.

janae said...

I was probably just starting middle school when I noticed how seemingly all Disney movies involve the death of a parent. So, so sad! I'm just glad that the trials their characters over come are innocent (if you can call death innocent) and not things like physical or sexual abuse. That would be tragic!

Debbie said...

I read somewhere (a few years ago so it might be one more now since Incredibles) that out of something like 100 Disney movies only 5 have both parents even pictured in the film. It'd be interesting to go find that statistic again.

Patty said...

I never really thought about that. Dallon says that their playing on the hero architype. Character's that come from difficult, mysterious backgrounds. There is Superman, Harry Potter, Spiderman, lots of those.