26 December 2008

Merry Christmas!. . . a day or so late. . .

So here I am the day after Christmas, sitting in my pajamas watching the snow fall and feeling VERY glad that it was not me that had to drive to work this morning. I didn't have to take anyone to school, Seth (and i guess Eric) are the only ones who have eaten breakfast this morning so far and it is after 9. The girls are holed up in their room playing with all their new toys and in complete heaven. When John left this morning they had to be summoned to come and say goodbye. Usually when he calls goodbye to them they come stampeding to give him hugs and kisses. Guess new toys take precedence?
If you couldn't tell, we had a pretty good Christmas. Which is kind of amazing to me. I have been so busy this December that I don't even feel like it has been Christmastime and I'm feeling kind of guilty about not building it up more for my kids--especially the real reason for Christmas. I mean, they know why we have it, but their focus, due to lack of guidance, has been on the presents more than anything else. Nothing quite went to plan this month and it really took a toll on our holiday. I have already come to the decision that if we are still in this calling next Christmas, we are NOT doing a dinner. I have no desire to go through that again a week and a half before Christmas. I have also decided that next time I have a baby, I'm calling the shots. Does that sound selfish? Maybe it is. I just really feel like I missed out on Christmas this year. I started listening to Christmas music nonstop on Monday to try to feel a little more into the holiday, but I don't know if that helped.
Every year, even as an adult, I go to bed on Christmas Eve and I can't sleep--I'm just so excited for Christmas to come. This year I was gone within seconds. I was exhausted from all the planning and wrapping and searching for presents that I have hidden over the past couple of months (one of which is still missing).
The highlight of our Christmas though? Johnathon, our nephew, got to come and spend it with us. Johnathon opted not to go to CA with his family this year and we couldn't let him spend Christmas by himself, so John and his brother drove down Christmas Eve to pick him up and he spent the night here and then all day yesterday. I imagine it was kind of a boring day for him, especially at dinner, not knowing anyone in my family, but I just couldn't stand the thought of him being alone for Christmas. My kids love Johnathon and were excited to have him be here. Seth even enjoyed having him as a roommate.
The girls have finally ventured out and are now demanding breakfast. . . Maybe afterwards we'll paint fingernails (they got nail polish for Christmas). I announced yesterday that we were going to clean their room today (it was a disaster BEFORE the influx of toys) but, you know what? I finally have a day that I don't HAVE to do anything: no cooking , no cleaning, (do dishes count?) no laundry, no parties, no events to go to. Yep, painting fingernails sounds ideal for today's agenda.

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wonder woman said...

We seem to have a very similar mindset today. It's 3:30 and I'm still in pajamas, though I did was my face a few minutes ago. A whole day where I don't HAVE to do anything......so I'm not!

And I feel a lot like you about this season. We didn't do any fun things as a family, and barely talked about the birth of Christ.

Last year our ward Christmas party was a breakfast -- though I don't know that that would be any easier! =D Enjoy painting those fingernails!

janae said...

How you did that huge Christmas party with a brand new baby is beyond me. You must be wiped! I'm glad you're doing pjs and a laid back day. You deserve it!!