26 November 2008


I saw this one on a friends blog and decided to do it, even though she didn't tag me. Is that weird? I really liked it and I thought it would be good for me to really think about 10 things that I am truly thankful for. So here goes:

1. My husband. What would I be without him? There have been so many things going on in our lives that have really rattled both of us, but not our marriage. I am so grateful for a husband who truly loves my and our children and I am so grateful to him for making me feel beautiful when really I don't at all.

2. Four healthy kids. I sometimes feel like I need to pinch myself that I have 4 kids with no major problems. I am so blessed.

3. Extended family. I have an amazing family, parents, sister, grandma, cousins, aunts uncles and I married into an amazing family. I feel so blessed that my best friends are all family. They are so supportive and wonderful. Everyone in both families genuinely loves everyone else. There are no family feuds, no hard feelings and for the most part everyone gets along wonderfully. Family gatherings are the highlight of my year.

4. A home. Okay, so I may complain about this one (something breaks every other week, and it's full of spiders) but when I really sit down to think about it: we have a house. I have a roof over my head and the heads of my children. We have warm beds to sleep in. Really, who cares if there isn't enough room for a playroom, or if the baby has to sleep in our bedroom. Families larger than ours have grown up in one bedroom. Wow, I am blessed.

5. Food, clothing. This kind of goes along with the last one, but we are so blessed. I NEVER have to worry if my children are going to get enough to eat. Big thanks to the prophets on this one and food storage, but last year when we didn't have a job and were running out of money, I still didn't have to worry if we would go hungry. We did get a little tired of all the food in our food storage, but we never went hungry.

And my children all have winter coats to keep them warm. Long pants and socks and shoes without holes in them. And if many of these items happen to be from hand-me-downs or DI all the better. One more thing to add to my list. I am not ashamed to admit I am thankful for DI.

6. Speaking of prophets, the Gospel. Where would I be without it. My life would be so different, and I think not better. Look at this list. What would change on it without the gospel? Everything? Maybe, I don't know, but I do know that I owe everything to my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the Atonement. For the scriptures. For the Priesthood. For the organization of the Church. For my testimony. For my husband's testimony. I am even grateful for my weaknesses because those are truly what bring me closer to my Heavenly Father.

7. Books. Seriously. I can't not have a book to read. It drives me nuts. Which is why I have read so many books so many times. (When I am out of new books, so I head back for more of Harry Potter. Princess Bride. Ender. Shall I go on?) I have learned so many things from literature. Some may say, fiction? How can you learn from fiction? You would be surprised. If you are one of those people give it a try. You can visit so many places, see things you wouldn't normally see and feel things you wouldn't normally feel. By the way, read Cry the Beloved Country if you haven't. You'll learn something, I guarantee it.

8. Motherhood. I guess this goes along with number 2, but it is a little different. I so love my kids. I love that they make me laugh (tonight, Tayleigh thanked Heavenly Father for TV's.) I love that they come up with crazy ideas. I love that they don't care about spiders as much as I do and that they will kill them more willingly than I do. I love that they love to look at bugs. I love that they love to throw leaves at each other. I love that Seth plays with my hair when I am holding him. I love that Eric falls asleep on me. I love learning new things from Eden. I love Tayleigh's enthusiasm for everything. I love that she bosses everyone around. I love that they have taught me to be patient (well, we're still working on it). I love that that have taught me how to love selflessly. I love, love, love my kids.

9. This may sound kind of silly, but cell phones and the Internet. I am so grateful that I can call and check on John when I go into a downward spiral of worry. (If he is gone longer than he should be I become convinced that he has died in a car accident. It is a really bad attribute to have.) I am grateful for the Internet, really just emails and blogs. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for blogging. I know that sounds really silly, but I feel like I have reconnected with so many people out there who I lost touch with along the way. This is such a simple and wonderful way to re-establish friendships. And there are lonely days that are saved by all my blogs. So thanks all you fellow bloggers for putting yourself out there so I can keep up with your lives and for commenting and encouraging me in my life. You really do make a difference.

10. I know I already said family, but this one deserves a separate mention. I am really grateful for my mom. She has been so great, especially with the baby. She was pretty much on call for 2 weeks before the baby was born (and took a lot of flack from me about not having a cell phone) and then spent about a week as the substitute mom for my kids. She watched my kids for all of my midwife appointments, all of my dentist appointments, pretty much when ever I ask her to. She calls to check up on me and she even calls to tell me about a good sale, especially when it concerns toys that I might possibly get for my kids for Christmas. She is an awesome Grandma and my kids adore her. (She is a lot nicer than me. I think that may be part of it.) She's a great example and I really am really, really grateful for her. I don't know what I would do without her.

Well, there you go. If you made it through that mammoth post, I admire you. Are you feeling the Thanksgiving spirit yet? If so, do this tag. It is worth it.

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Mother Goose said...

Thanks for doing that. I thought about tagging you, but changed my mind at the last second for some reason. Thanks for being an inspirations and a good friend!

Rock said...

I liked this post. It was very sweet and thoughtful.