20 November 2008

Sevens Tag

7 things I can do: 1. Change diapers really fast. 2. Cook. 3. Sew 4. Scrapbook 5. Go a little crazy on clearance racks 6. organize 7. Read for hours and hours.
7 things I can't do: 1. Snowboard. (much to John's dissapointment). 2. Math (also to John's dismay) 3. Go more than an hour without checking to make sure that Eric is still breathing. 4. Not worry. 5. Make Karla's rolls like she does, no matter how easy she insists they are. 6. remember to put the Winder cooler out on the night it is supposed to go. 7. Drag myself out of bed before 7.
7 things that attracted me to John (spouse): 1. He was so easy to talk to. 2. He made me laugh. 3. He was normal. 4. He thought I was pretty. (and thank goodness he still does!) 5. He was an RM who acted like an RM. 6. He was a good listener. 7. He loved me first.
7 things I say the most: 1. I love you. 2. Be Careful. 3. Stop! 4. Awesome! 5. What should we do about that? 6. What did I ask you to do? 7. What?.
7 people I admire most: 1. Jesus Christ 2. President Hinckley 3. Anne Gregorson 4. Ruth Maughan (my grandma) 5. Ron Turner (my dad) 6. Karla Ward 7. John Allen Ward
7 favorite foods: 1. Muffins 2. Chicago pizza 3. Lemon Merange Pie 4. Karla's Rolls 5. Good cheesecake. 6. homemade caramel 7. Milk
7 people to tag: 1. Alyssa 2. Sara 3. Janae 4. Lauren 5. Julie Ward 6. Ashlyn 7. Liz

Thanks Patty!

4 people think my kids are cute!:

Kiera said...

What a great tag! I love that Anne is your #3. She would be so flattered I'm sure.

wonder woman said...

I love the things you say the most. =D This'll be fun!

aaron&marianne said...

oh beautiful baby boy! i am so happy to see a pic! congratulations!

Patty said...

Thanks for doing that, it was fun learning more about you. I thought this was a fun little project.