22 October 2008

Red Ribbon Week

I just thought I would record this conversation for posterity's sake:
So this week is Red Ribbon Week at Eden's school and I was talking to the girls about it. Mostly because Eden thought that it pretty much meant that they got to do fun stuff all week (i.e. pajama day, hat day, sock day, etc.) Try explaining drugs to a 4 and 5 year old and this is what you get. I tried to explain that there are drugs that are medicine that make us better when we are sick and there are drugs that are bad for our bodies and that Heavenly Father doesn't want us to put those bad things in our bodies. That seemed to go over pretty well. Then we started talking about cigarettes. I try to explain that they are like drugs. Eden pipes up to help:
Eden: They are those sticks that people put in their mouths and then when they take them out smoke comes out.
Tayleigh: (big eyes) Aiden put a stick in his mouth.
Me: They are not real sticks like the ones outside. They are called cigarettes and have yucky stuff in them that is bad for our bodies.
T: So we can put sticks in our mouth?
Me: It's not really the best idea.
T: Aiden put a stick in his mouth.
Me: Putting a stick in your mouth probably won't make you sick, but it is kind of gross because you don't know where it has been.
Then Eden brings up drinking:
Me: There are drinks that are really bad for your body and Heavenly Father doesn't want you to drink them either.
Tayleigh: Like Daddy's yucky drink? (Mt. Dew)
Eden: No, beer.
T: (big eyes) root beer?
Me: Not Root beer, just beer.
T: Yeah, because root beer is good for us.
I love my kids.
P.S. The whole Daddy's yucky drink started because I didn't want the girls asking for any when he drinks it. Actually, I have another story about that. This was over a year ago, but Eden asked John why he liked his yucky drink, and he replied that he likes the way it tastes. Eden replied: "How does Heavenly Father feel about that?" Oh, I love my kids.

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wonder woman said...

This is hilarious!!! I can just see Tayleigh wide eyed, "ROOT beer?" And Eden who's so smart answering all her questions! This is just too funny! I applaud your efforts on drug awareness.

And "How does Heavenly Father feel about that?" --> CLASSIC!!!

The Howards said...

Good thing you have those girls to watch out for John. :)

The Kemps said...

So Funny! 2 days to go..seriously! So exciting!

Melanie said...

I love reading about you and your kids. Sorry I never commented before, I never knew how fun comments were before I made my blog. Good luck with baby number 4.

hippyrochelle said...

That is too funny! Kids say the best things!

janae said...

I am so glad you found me!! Ironically, I was thinking about you just a couple days ago and wondering what you were up to. I can hardly believe you almost have four kids! (Hopefully you DO have four by now. I had #3 in July and the waiting was awful! My first two were born at 37 and 38 week, and with this one I was 3cm at 36 weeks, but a month later I was still pregnant. He was nearly 4 dates late. It was miserable!) I can't wait to hear your birth story!

Debbie said...

I've been thinking about you today. I hope you are doing well!

Patty said...

That story is so funny, I laughed so hard while I read it. I haven't seen you guys in years but I can just imagine the girls and you having this conversation about drugs/drinking. I also can imagine John with his Mt. Dew watching Family Guy. I loved the question Eden asked him, "How does Heavenly Father feel about that?" Those are some really funny stories.