21 September 2008

Picture Tag

Debbie tagged me, and I have been kicked out of the living room for the evening (John is watching Family Guy, which I HATE) so I might as well, right? Hope I do this right!

Favorite Vacation: CANCUN

Okay, I had to get two pictures for this one. John's parents took the WHOLE family to Cancun in Nov. 2006. It was amazing and wonderful. The beaches were like nothing I have ever seen before. The resort was incredible. The weather was amazing. And to top it all off we were there with 40 other people that we don't get to see very often, who we love and adore. We got the chance to go see some Mayan ruins at Tulum and take the kids swimming with dolphins, which was totally the highlight of the trip! The reason I had to put up both pics is so you could get an idea of how awesome the beach was, and when I googled it, a picture of the swimming pool from the resort we stayed at came up. Actually a few came up, including one of the kiddie pool, which the kids totally loved, but I thought 2 was enough.

Favorite Color: PURPLE
I don't really know why. I have just loved purple forever. I really want to paint my girls room purple, and they are all for it, but I think that money needs to be spent on slightly more important things, like fixing the hole in the living room ceiling. . .

My Age: 26

Yep, 4 kids at age 26 and proud of it! My sister in law thinks I could have 7 by 30 if I wanted to. I don't think that I want to . . .

My Favorite Treat: Lemon meringue Pie

Okay, so this is my favorite kind of pie. I love too many kinds of desserts to narrow it down to just one. But this is the one that I get the least often, and so probably the one I appreciate the most!

My Favorite Food:Peaches and Raspberries

This is something that changes, but I am pretty obsessed with peaches and raspberries right now. And maybe blackberries, a little. I think that John is sad that I discovered the Farmer's market. Last night I announced that I would be very surprised if this baby didn't like peaches because I have eaten so many of them. He asked if I had been craving them: "Nope. I have been reveling in them." I have a flat of raspberries and blackberries sitting on my counter right now and I'm still debating what to do with them. Definitely pie, but what else? Hmm. . . .

The Place I want to Travel Most: Europe

I have been to Cancun, I have been to Hawaii. They were fun. I'm not really a beach girl. So Europe, first chance I get here I come! And I don't really care where in particular. Germany, Italy, France, England: Bring it on!

The Place I Grew up: Midvale Utah
Wedged between Sandy and West Jordan, it kind of gets forgotten, but I like it! I still go to Harvest Days every chance I get!

The Place I live Now: West Jordan, UT

About 10 minutes away from my parents, surrounded by most everything I grew up with. It is kind of nice knowing my way around!

My Last Name: Ward

I'm not surprised that pages from family history websites came up. My mother in law had all the genealogy done for the Wards and you should see the size of that book.

My Middle Name: Turner (Sue)
Okay, so technically I have no middle name. My parents decided that as a girl, I didn't need one. I have always felt gypped. So in high school I gave myself a middle name: Sue. I had to have something to put on my yearbook right? When I got married rather than dropping my maiden name I made it my middle name, so I officially have one now. Even though, I would still rather it be Sue.

My First Name: Rachel

I haven't always liked my name. I thought it was boring and common. In Jr. High there were 3 Rachel's in 3 of my classes. We numbered ourselves. I was Rachel #3. See what I mean by common? But the older I get the more I like it. (Even though there are like 6 Rachel's in my ward right now). It is not too girly and it has history, which I really like.

Something I used to love: Writing

Not that I don't love it anymore, I'm just out of practice. Someday hopefully I can focus my mind enough again to only think about 1 thing at a time and then maybe I can get back on board that train . . .

My Favorite Animal: Cats
I know, it's cliche. But I love them. I begged my parents for years to get me a cat until finally my dad found a stray kitten at work and brought it home to stay. I fell in love with that cat and cried and cried when he died last year. Problem: John is DEATHLY allergic to cats. So there goes my dream. Oh, well. I love my husband more, I guess! ; )

I tag anyone who would like to do this. It is kind of fun to have to come up with concrete enough answers to search for them. Have fun!

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wonder woman said...

I think that's awesome that you gave yourself a middle name! Rachel Sue. I love it. And I want to travel to Europe more than any other place in the world. Levi's been there 3 times - twice to germany, once to Italy with the army. He's seen castles, cruised on the Rhine, been in a gondola in Venice.....someday, Rachel. Someday we'll get to go!

Debbie said...

I love purple too! I always buy my girls purple clothes. I think it's Melanie's fault, it was always her favorite, she got me hooked.

My sister told me the same thing about having lots of kids before I was 30. I told her it's her idea so she should try it. :)

I totally remember you giving yourself a middle name! That's so funny. And I love the picture, we're big fans of Arthur and the gang.

Way fun pictures. I'm so glad you played along. I had a fun time doing it.

Wizzard_MoM said...

JAM!!! I made a batch of Peach Raspberry and Peach Strawberry just the other day. It tastes so good. Let me know if you want the recipe.. GOOD LUCK.

jeffandlorraine said...

Rachel!!! I am so glad that you found my blog! And of course I remember you! Now we can keep in touch and next time I'm in town we should get together! Your kids are absolutely adorable!!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Patty said...

That was really neat to learn so much about you. It is crazy how two people can live with each other for a while and still not know anything about each other. I think that I remember know your favorite color but most of the rest was new to me.