18 September 2008

Did you notice the baby counter?

In the 30's. Yes, that's right--a little more than a month and I am DONE. I'm pretty excited about that, if you couldn't tell. And I blame the whole end of pregnancy misery for slacking off on the whole blogging thing. It takes too much energy. Pretty much everything takes too much energy these days. Anyway. . .
I thought I would post these pictures. Seth found the markers the other day. Or, he didn't really find them so much as realize what they can do once the lid is off. It's been pretty bad around here since. . . (another reason for lack of posts.) Apparently the markers taste good too. (Don't worry. They are all Crayola washables.)

For any Turner's or Baldwin's reading this, doesn't he look like Brett in this picture?

The funniest part of this whole experience: every time Seth looked at his hand he would shake it to try and get the marker off.

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Niel & Brittany Lund Family said...

He's so cute, and getting so big! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I had no idea. Wow...4, are you ready? I can't even think about that now, but I'm sure when the time comes it will feel right. Good luck!

Debbie said...

YEAH for hitting the 30's milestone countdown. I'm so excited for you. You're supermom!

Kiera said...

That is a ridiculously handsome boy you've got there Rachel!!

Your baby is coming!!! And fast!! at least for me. : )