12 September 2008

Classic Eden

I overheard this conversation yesterday while the girls were watching Peter Pan:
Tayleigh: I wish Tinkerbell could talk.
Eden: She can, she just doesn't want to any more. Do you know why?
T: Why?
E: Because she knows Spanish. Peter Pan taught her spanish.

I wish I knew where she came up with this stuff.

5 people think my kids are cute!:

Kiera said...

So sweet and innocent. Don't you just love that!? You're getting closer to your due date aren't you?? That's so exciting!!

Debbie said...

How funny!! Does Eden like Spanish too? Kalyana loves Spanish (all 6 words she knows) and always asks me how to say things in Spanish. It's so funny. As the wisdom of siblings eh? :)

Patty said...

That is adorable! There are lots of times that Zeeli will speak jibberish and than she says it's spanish that she is speaking. They are all so funny.

The Kemps said...

So funny! You're girls say the cuttest things, I'm glad you're writting them down to remember and so you can share them on their wedding day :)

traskrocks said...

That is too sweet. I can't wait til my girls have conversations like these. Right now it's mostly Chloe talking and Brook repeating what she says.