04 August 2008

Swimming Lessons

This is how Tayleigh goes off the diving board.
Eden doing the self-named "butterfly"
Getting ready for a sit dive. (basically waiting for her teacher to pull her into the pool)

Well, they officially ended on Friday, but I am just now getting around to it. . . The girls loved their lessons. They both ended up passing their levels, but I think that when we do this again Tayleigh will start at the bottom again. She still won't put her head under the water, refuses to jump off the diving board, or even the side of the pool. On the last day her teacher really tried hard to get her to jump off the side of the pool and she would sit down and then jump in. She is pretty stubborn and vocal about everything too. When her teachers ask her to do something she won't just hang on to the side of the pool, not doing what they ask, she will announce that she doesn't want to do that and she is not going to. Thankfully it is announced with a very small amount of attitude, but still!

Eden, on the other hand, amazed me. She got to the point that she would willingly put her head under the water, without plugging her nose (she still plugs it when she jumps off the diving board, but hey, can you blame her?), she can almost do a kneeling dive and if she could just figure out how to take a breath and swim at the same time she would be in great shape. She does the breast stroke until she runs out of air and then she just stops and tries to stand up in the water. It doesn't really work out for her in the deep end. But she's trying, right? But the reason I am most proud of her? She jumped off of the lifeguard tower without help. (Under supervision, of course). This is not really a high dive but its at least twice as high as the diving board. She just climbed right up and jumped right off. No hesitation whatsoever. I was very impressed. (FYI, Tayleigh didn't even get out of the pool for that one!)

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alyssa said...

I canNOT believe how big Eden is!!! I love how her cheeks are puffed out holding her breath. Too cute.

And I love the new layout. Reminds me of Wendy H.'s wall? (Did you see that one her blog?)