10 August 2008

Does anyone else LOVE the Olympics?

Because I really, really do. There is just something so wonderful about them. They are competition in its purest form. These athletes are not playing for fame or money, but the honor to represent their country. I just love them! This is the reason that I have not touched the computer in like 3 days. The TV has been on pretty much nonstop since Friday night, which usually I don't appreciate, but this is something I really don't mind letting my kids watch. They love the diving and especially the gymnastics. Eden has learned that we want the people with the American flag next to their name to win. She is really cute about it. I grew up watching the Olympics and just fell in love with them. I hope my kids have the same experience.

Also, I have to brag a little. Today at church I was given the ultimate compliment. Okay, so maybe not ultimate, but I was pretty excited about it. A lady in my ward called my the "cute shoe lady!" She says she always has to look at my shoes because they are always so cute. I was so excited. Personally, Kristin Matthews holds this award, at least for me. I don't think I could ever compete in a cute shoe competition with her. But I will take runner up any day! So, Elisha, just want you to know that if I was looking for a part time job and could lift 30 pounds, I would so be calling you!

4 people think my kids are cute!:

alyssa said...

I just wrote a post almost identical to this one. Did you see the men's swim relay? It was UNBELIEVEABLE!! I missed the first 3 swimmers, and tuned in when it looked like France was going to win. I definately ♥ the Olympics.

And I got a compliment on my shoes yesterday, too! I do remember that you always had cute shoes. I like shoes because even if your other clothes don't fit the way you want, you shoes can still rock. And can totally make an outfit. So, good for you, being a hot shoe mama!

hippyrochelle said...

I LOVE the olympics also. I like the men's gymnastics best, it was really exciting last night. I felt so proud of the team!

Mother Goose said...

I love the Olympics too! Diving and gymnastics were always my favorites. I am so bumbed that we don't get television here.

The Kemps said...

The olympics are always on at our house. Tivo is the best for this! I love cheering on the men and women representing our country. I get so excited and my adrenaline starts thumping durring any race or event that's close. I feel such pride as US athletes recieve medals! Growing up competeing in different sports I understand the determination, dedication, and heart that it takes to be the best you can be. GO USA!!!!!