13 July 2008

We made it

Well, if you were worried about us, we made it to CA. Sorry, no pics today, hopefully I can get some up in the next week or so. We have been having a blast. The kids did relatively well in the car, thank heavens for DVD players. They were all exhausted when we arrived and so relieved to get out of the car. We have spent most of the week in the pool and Amy even got Eden to put her head under the water which is a MAJOR improvement. It took Seth a few days to adjust to the new surroundings and new people but he is finally warming up to everyone. John flew in on Thursday and left today, which is such a bummer, but we all were so glad that he at least got to come for a few days. We have been to the beach twice thus far, and the plan is to go to Knotts Berry Farm tomorrow. I think the girls will enjoy it, but I am kind of dreading the day for me and Seth. Oh, well.
The biggest problem while we have been here has been sleep. Seth is taking two naps a day which he NEVER does but my girls are totally sleep deprived and I am paying for it. Eden has actually done pretty good, and only lost her temper a few times, but Tayleigh loses it on a regular basis and I am getting so tired of it. It was good to have John here to save her from Mommy's wrath for a few days. Hopefully those few days have given me a bit of a rest an my patience will not be so short for the rest of the week.
Other than grumpy kids, I am having a wonderful time, here in scrapbook heaven. For those of you who aren't familiar with this family, my mother in law basically has a scrapbooking store in her dining room. Everything is free game while you are here on one condition: color copies. For cheap little Rachel, color copies are a small price to pay for the high quality scrapbook accessories that are available to me here! I have scrapbooked our whole Hawaii trip and plan to do the rest of the pictures that I brought with me. Maybe there is hope that I will catch up before this baby is born!

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Debbie said...

I love traveling away from home to break up the norm but then the kids are always off their schedules. It's so hard dealing with sleep deprived kids. Good luck!

How fun that you get to scrapbook with awesome supplies! It sounds wonderful.I'd love to see a few examples when you're done.

The Kemps said...

Im glad you made it. I love knotts berry farm, your kids will have a blast! I'm so proud of you for getting scrapbooking done! I've kindof giving up, blogging is my new scrapbooking, does that count???! Enjoy the rest of your trip, I'm looking forward to some pics.

Alyssa said...

I'm totally envious of your scrapbooking opportunity! I'd rather pay for color copies, too. Enjoy!