31 July 2008

See you Tuesday?

Okay, so driving home from Provo today I saw a billboard and got way excited. Did you know that on Tuesdays in the month of August admission to every venue at Thanksgiving Point is 2$? And do you know what an awesome deal that is? Okay, so here is my proposal. I am so taking advantage. Anyone want to join me? This is what I figure: Eden starts school Tuesday, so I can't do any of this stuff in the morning, but she is done at 11:30. My plan is this:
Tuesday Aug. 5 I will be at the dinosaur museum at 12:30
Tuesday Aug. 12 I will be at the children's gardens with a picnic lunch at 12:00
Tuesday Aug. 19 I will be at Farm country at 12:30
Call me, email me, leave a comment, whatever if you want to meet up with me, or just show up and have our running into each other be a happy accident. We have so many friends that I would love to see, but rarely get the chance to visit individually. So this is the perfect opportunity!
Plus, I'm really cheap. My kids have been begging me to take them to the dinosaur museum for oh, about a year and I can't stand the thought of paying full price. So this is perfect!
So, see you next Tuesday?

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Rock said...

Excuse me? You were in Provo and didn't stop to see me? Yes I know I don't live in Provo, but still...:) If I ever get my stuff together and can actually follow through on our planned dates, I am so there!

aaron&marianne said...

well! we also meant to make it to the dinosaur museum and yes it is pricey! i'm so glad there's a discount day- you guys will have a blast!

Kiera said...

What a great deal!!! Im so glad you shared this. I will definitely be going to the dino museum...my kids love it there. Maybe I'll even run into you! I love going to Thanksgiving Point.

alyssa said...

I've wanted to take the boys to see the dinosaurs and would love to meet up with you! My ward has playgroup on Tuesdays....but I could probably make it.

I'll plan on it, and let you know for sure monday.

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness what GREAT news. We love TGP and I had no idea this was happening. We've only done a few things there because like you--it's just to pricey for us. Hopefully I can run into you one of those days!

~W E N D Y ~ said...

Are you serious?? ONly $2.00 -- For everything? I think I'll have to take my kids to the Dinosaur Museum right before school starts!! Thanks for sharing Rachel.

Patty said...

I heard of this and actually went last week. We planned to go this week also and would love to meet up with you if you are up for it. Let me know on facebook.