25 July 2008


What birthday would be complete without fireworks? We had a great time and a whole lot more fireworks than on the fourth of July. Too bad my kids are such scaredy cats. They all loved the snaps, even Seth and he could actually make them work (some of the time). Emily had a blast dancing around the driveway to pop all of the ones that didn't work the first time.

Inspired by my friend Debbie, I did some experimenting with my camera and the sparklers. The pictures didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but I still think they are pretty cool. Tayleigh had run into the house and was watching out the window by this point but Eden was brave enough to try a few sparklers, even if she did throw them in the bucket of water when they were only about halfway through.

Even my Grandma and Great Aunt Norma got in the action. It was pretty funny. They waved the sparklers around and sang primary pioneer songs.

And once again during the fountains I played with my camera and got a few decent shots. Everyone but Tayleigh and Seth really enjoyed the fireworks. After a little while Tayleigh gave up watching at the window and went into the living room to play. Grandpa was sweet enough to go with her. They watched a show about elephants. Seth just laid in my arms trying desperately to go to sleep, but scared to death of the fireworks. Poor baby.

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Alyssa said...

We didn't get to do ANY fireworks with our kids this year! I feel like such a rotten parent! We didn't get any in time for the 4th, and I got them for yesterday, but put the kids to bed early 'cuz they were drivin' me a bit bonkers and Levi was gone and then suddenly it's 10:30 and I see the big fireworks and feel horrible.

Whoops. Maybe tonight?

Alyssa said...

AWESOME pics, too! Love the sparkler ones, and your grandma and great aunt. It's nice that someone actually remembered the pioneers on Pioneer Day. :o)

Debbie said...

Hey NICE job on the firework pictures! You'll be surprised at all the fun this will inspire! :)