22 July 2008

California Pictures Part 2

Seth at San Clemente Beach. He liked the beach okay, especicailly the sand. . .until it got in his eyes.

The girls spent most of the day digging in the sand and running around with their cousins. Eden did get in the water for a little while, but I don't think that Tayleigh ever did.

Levi and Booker loved playing smash ball with Uncle Mike and Trevor.

Life was so much more fun while Daddy was there.

This is the traditional activity for the Ward pool: surfing across the pool on boogie boards.

yeah, this is just a hilarious picture. Seth knew he was totally cute!

Once she got comfortable putting her face in the water, there was no stopping her!

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Mother Goose said...

Happy Birthday Tayleigh!!!

Mother Goose said...

Of course you can come visit! We would LOVE to have you guys over.

aaron&marianne said...

looks like a blast! (we're back home- but we visit often- so we'll make it happen next time!)