18 July 2008

California Pictrues: Part 1

So many pictures to choose from! I tried to narrow it down, but if you get bored, I understand!

My boy, pretending to eat rocks to freak his mama out. Seriously, he thinks he is SOOO funny!

Okay, so they may be blurry, but this is Booker doing his flip off the diving board. I took 6 pictures of this, these are just the best. And just so you know, Booker is months older than Eden. 5. This kid is a fish!

The girls at Seal Beach. This was a miserable day at the beach. The wind was ridiculous. And cold. The girls didn't seem to mind.

Seth's favorite thing was playing in Grandpa's fountains in the front yard. He loves anything that has to do with water.

I think Savannah's favorite thing to do was play with Seth while he was playing in the water. It was great having Savannah around. I love this picture of them together. Isn't she beautiful?

Eden and Tayleigh's biggest accomplishment: working up the courage to jump off the diving board, sans floatie, to Aunt Amy. I was pretty impressed with these girls who usually can't stand getting water in their face in the bathtub, let alone the swimming pool!

Grandpa had a cool bubble machine that Tayleigh and Sammie LOVED.

Can't be too careful.

This is Kenna. I love this picture. She is awesome.

5 people think my kids are cute!:

Alyssa said...

What great pics!! Looks like everyone's having a great time!

Mother Goose said...

I love the picture of the body board and the floatie!

The Howards said...

Looks like lots to do in the pool. Always fun at grandma and grandpa's house!

The Kemps said...

It looks like you had so much fun, this is only day 1, wow! You must have been busy! Lots of swimming, cousins, and fun. What could be better???

Patty said...

That looks like so much fun. Who did you visit in California, in-laws? Your kids are so cute.