26 June 2008

Tag. . . I guess I'm it

Alyssa tagged me. Thank you, my dear, I don't think I have ever done this before. But I actually like this tag. It forces me to think about my life. . .

20 Years ago I was:
1. Almost 6, just out of kindergarten.
2. Probably spending most of my time outside. I really have no memory of this, but I do know that I spent A LOT of time running around outside as a kid.
3. Very possibly helping my dad pick peas.

10 Years ago I was:
1. Almost 16 and dying to date and drive.
2. Completely infatuated with Mike Steed and humiliated that he was the one who had to come with me on my final driver's ed road hours AND test.
3. Spending lots of time with Marchelle, Amber and Katie in Amber's pool. (Thankfully, Marchelle had a license so my parents didn't have to take me everywhere.)
4. Still reveling in the fact that I had my own room.
5. Working as a "floater" at Sylvan Learning Center.

5 years ago I was:
1. Living in Rexburg in Madison Park Apts.
2. Spending lots of time with my 4 month old baby girl.
3. Taking online classes: 2 humanities classes and D&C, I think.
4. Enjoying the portable swamp cooler that served as my birthday present in our A/C-less apartment.
5. Teaching the 12 year old Sunday school class with John.

3 years ago I was:
1. Getting ready (sigh of relief) to move to Provo so John could go to BYU for Grad school.
2. Getting my wisdom teeth out. All 4.
3. Buying our brand spanking new minivan.
4. Watching Tayleigh learn how to walk.
5. Spending every single Sunday in Nursery, which wasn't my calling, by the way.
6. Going to my cousin Melissa's wedding. Happy anniversary, Melissa!

1 year ago I was:
1. Getting ready for a trip to Long Beach.
2. Job hunting for John with every spare moment of my time.
3. Learning that it is possible to live off of your food storage.
4. Trying desperately to lose weight from my last pregnancy.
5. Trying to enjoy every second possible with Seth as a little baby, and knowing that it wasn't going to last. By number three you really start to realize that they grow up SO fast.

So far this year I have:
1. Gone to Hawaii.
2. Gotten pregnant
3. Gained and quit a job. (long story)
4. Scratched out a garden in my tiny bits and pieces of dirt. (tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, zucchini and cucumber in the border of the front yard; peas, lettuce, onions, raspberries, pumpkins, herbs in the border of the backyard.)
5. Been called as the activities coordinator for the ward and already dropped the ball more than once.
6. Watched my sister and my cousin get married in a matter of 2 weeks.
7. Had my 7th wedding anniversary.

Yesterday I:
1. Watered the yard.
2. Picked up paper supplies for ward BBQ.
3. Bought a ceiling fan for the kitchen.
4. Read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (highly recommended)
5. Wash the dishes and swept the kitchen floor.
6. Kept Seth from falling off the table and/or his high chair multiple times.

Today I:
1. Planted cucumbers. (I know, it's a little late. Hopefully they'll make it)
2. Pulled more weeds that I thought humanly possible.
3. Made copies of recent photos onto CD
4. Cleaned off most of my desk
5. Drove to magna, got lost, picked up a toy organizer and then got slushes for everyone from Sonic
6. Put toy organizer together, reorganized art supplies.
7. Cleaned up throw up and gave Seth a bath
8. Ordered Pizza. (nobodys perfect)

Tomorrow I will:
1. Go to the zoo with my mom
2. Come home and hide in the basement where it is cool. (This heat is just killing me.)
3. Go see Indiana Jones! YEAH! (Thanks for babysitting, Em!)

In the next year I will: (realistically or hopefully?)
1. Catch up on my scrapbooking
2. Make a quilt for Seth
3. Make Halloween costumes for Kids
4. Have a baby
5. Buy a double stroller
6. Create more space in my yard for a more realistic garden. (anybody want to help out with that one?)

7 people think my kids are cute!:

Kym & Marco said...

I found your blog on Katie's site, I hope you don't mind me stalking you! Your blog is hilarious and I love all the pics of your cute kids. Congrats on the pregnancy! You are a brave, brave women.

The Kemps said...

I loved reading this. It's fun to get to know you a little more. I'm sorry Seth is such a monkey, I've had one of those too. Have fun at the zoo!

Alyssa said...

What a busy busy girl you are!!! Good job on your garden! I'm impressed. I thought this tag was fun, too.

Mother Goose said...

You make me feel like a lazy bum!

Patty said...

That's kind of fun reading all those entries. It's amazing to think about your life in the past, present, and future. What a fun idea!!

Rock said...

you are way ahead of me! but i did get my wisedom teeth taken out before you.

aaron&marianne said...

this was a fun post to read! hey- we are in town- can I have your address? i guess i should ask if you are in town! it would be fun to stop by on our way down from s.l.-