08 May 2008


I actually don't really have anything exciting to update on, but I haven't posted anything for a while, so I thought that I would. My biggest news: Seth is finally weaned! I am so happy about being free for a few months. He can't tolerate milk, so he's on soymilk right now, but he absolutely loves it. He doesn't even do a bottle--He never really did. He doesnt' even get sippy cups really--all he has figured out is how to drink out of a straw, but hey, whatever works! We are still waiting for him to walk, a little impatiently, I might add. He can stand up just fine, without holding on to anything, but he wimps out and sits down when I move away from him to try and get him to walk to me. He has also invented a game where he stands up and then just falls forward expecting me to catch him. We have had a few close calls, but luckily some one has been close enough to save him from himself.
And now I ask for your advice. Tayleigh HATES cleaning up. Literally. Example, one day she and Eden were supposed to go on a date with Aunt Emily. I told them they needed to clean their room before they go. (okay, so it was an empty threat, but they didn't know that). After a while Tayleigh just gave up and announced that she wasn't going with Emily, she would just stay home. Luckily, Aunt Emily had mercy and helped them clean up. I have tried taking toys away, I have tried time outs, I have tried treats and NOTHING has worked! I feel bad because Eden ends up doing every thing because she doesn't want her toys taken away. What do I do?

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Aubrey said...

I love that picture of Tayleigh looking upset. I don't have any advice on the cleaning aspect, I haven't ventured into that one yet. Stuff to look forward to, I guess. :)
On another note, have you tried the sippy cups that have straws built into them? We had to use those for a few months w/ Cohen until he learned to tip up the normal sippy cup. Just a thought.

Mother Goose said...

That picture visually describes Tayleigh's personality perfectly! Just send her down here for a week and I'll fip her into shape!

Avery likes to play the same falling into Mommmy that Seth likes to play. It frecks me out!!

~W E N D Y ~ said...

My kids don't really like to clean up either, but they are getting better because now we do "toy jail" -- so I set the timer for 5 - 10 minutes depending on the type and size of mess. When the timer beeps, anything left on the floor goes into toy jail, and in order to get them back they need to "earn" them back. Doing "extra" chores. My kids like it because they think it's a game and what kid doesn't like to play a game.

Alyssa said...

I have this great book "the potentially sane mother's guide to raising young children." It was written by a BYU professor and mother of 5, 9 and under. I highly recommend this book!!! I love it. There's a whole chapter on getting kids to do chores. I found it at the library, then bought it at Seagull. She has the kids be superheroesto fly around doing chores. She sends her kids on "secret missions" - whispers what they need to do in the ear and says, "don't tell! come back and report when it's done. Then maybe gives a treat.

Sometimes I do "10 second tidies" (from the big comfy couch.) I just sing the crazy music and run around picking up as many things as I can,acting silly, and Isaac helps a bit. Every now and then Isaac will clean up by himself, but I have to help every step of the way, for the most part.

Sorry for the novel. Seth looks so much like your girls, but still like a boy. Too cute. And maybe his little brother can wear the hat next year! :o)