20 May 2008


Just some pictures of stairs, you say? No, these stairs are like a little miricle. We have been waiting for 6 months to use the kitchen door for its real purpose--as a way to exit the house. Up until last night, that wasn't possible. Dan, Heather and Mark: THANK YOU! They were here all day yesterday working in the heat to get these stairs finally done! And I am so excited. NO longer is there going to be a sign in my kitchen that says: Caution: No Stairs. We can go into the backyard through the back door!How novel is that!

2 people think my kids are cute!:

Rock said...

yahoo! I know what it's like to live in an unfinished home (our bathroom sink is in our living room!). Happy Birthday to Ron! He's such a great guy.

The Kemps said...

YEY!!! You're family will use those stairs a hundred times a day! Isn't it amazing the small things that are such a blessing...like stairs :) Congrats on getting that crossed off your list!