13 May 2008

He's Walking!

Okay, so the total amount of steps is up to 4, but hey, that is better than yesterday, at one. And the bad news--I still don't have a camera. Seth took off from the couch and so John and I arranged ourselves so he could practice going back and forth between us. He did pretty good, usually taking 3-4 steps before getting too excited and lunging forward. I guess we'll work on it some more tomorrow and hope desperately that my camera gets here soon!

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Kiera said...

Did you order a camera or something?? I hope you get it soon too. These are moments you dont want to miss!

Rachel said...

I bought a camera online. I think it should be here by Friday, I hope!

Mother Goose said...

Can't wait to see a video!!!