18 May 2008

Grandpa's Birthday

We went to my parents house last night for my Dad's birthday dinner. Hamburgers off the grill and 7 layer dip. The best meal EVER! After dinner we opened presents and thanks to my new camera I was able to document something never before done: My dad, laughing hysterically. Now, you must understand my dad is a pretty sober kind of guy. Not to say that he is boring-he is hilarious in his own dry kind of way. But it takes something prettty funny to get my dad going like this. Props to Adam on this one. Apparently my Dad teases Adam, saying that he looks like Howdy Doody. Well, Adam ran across Howdy Doody on DVD and decided to give to my Dad for his birthday. He was cracking up for a good 5 minutes.

Grandpa also deferred all present opening responsiblities to Eden and Tayleigh, which they were very grateful for! It was a fun night with the family!

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