09 May 2008

Catch Up pictures

So I finally have my mom's camera! And, I just bought a new one which should be here in 7-10 business days, so not much longer before I can really start documenting life once again. I went through and added some pics to previous posts that I had them for. These pictures are just some random stuff that has happened over the past little bit.
Here is Seth ready to go outside. I love his hat. I am sad it won't fit him next winter!

Seth decided he wanted to watch basketball with Grandpa.

This is cousin Eric. We love Eric. Eden fell completly in love with him at Great Grandma's birthday party. He loves playing with the girls and Eden wasn't shy this time and really had fun with him. When he was getting ready to leave Eden ran right up to him and gave him a huge hug.

I went with my mom and Grandma and Eden to the BYU cougarette concert. Eden loved it. These are my two cousins Stefanie and Jessica who performed. Eden was in awe that we actually knew some of the dancers and felt so special when they were excited to see her and give her big hugs!

This is Adam, soon to be Seth's newest uncle. The adoration between the two of them is mutual!

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