28 April 2008


The girls were picking dandelions last night and making wishes on them when they blew. Tayleigh was pretty proud of herself for making "a wish on a white flower," when Eden came up and announced that she had "wished to be a Queen, but it just wasn't working out." I had a hard time controlling my laughter-she was pretty distraught over the whole thing!

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Aubrey said...

Thanks, Rachel! :) I found this tuturial on the internet:
It wouldn't let me access more of her picture instructions, but she gave a pretty good description of how to make it underneath the picture. I used elastic instead of ribbon for the waistband so it would stretch and fit for a while. I figured out the size of the girl's waist, then sewed that elastic together. I used 3 yards of tulle for a 1 year old, but it will probably fit her for a couple of years. If you want it to be poofier or fuller, use more tulle. After I had tied all the tulle on, I took a really wide ribbon and had Matt hold the elastic so it was stretched out while I pinned the ribbon on (half on each side of the elastic so it would cover it up) and then I sewed it over the elastic so it looked a little more professional. Then I put the excess ribbon into a bow on the front. The end. Sorry about the long, long comment. :) I hope this makes sense - if you have any questions, just let me know!

Kiera said...

I love this! Maybe the white flower was broken and she needs to wish again?