04 April 2008

A Short day at the Park

Last Saturday we took a fun little outing to Copperton Park to scout it out for an upcoming ward activity. Despite the lack of warmth we packed a picnic and headed out. The playground was great. . . if not a little dangerous. . .

Seth loved the swing, you can't really tell, but he liked it. The cold wind in his face might have been a slight deterrent.

Did I mention the danger involved? This was a fast slide. Can you tell?
Both the girls loved climing through the grafitti filled concrete tunnels.

The significance of this tire lies in the proximity of the park to Kennecott Coppermine.

1 people think my kids are cute!:

aaron&marianne said...

baby #4!! yes!! you can do it!! look how well you've handled all your littles so far- you are doing great!! congratulations!