23 April 2008


Okay, so this no picture thing is kind of boring. I really need to get those pictures! Anyway, I had my first appointment today, and I am really and officially pregnant. For some reason it doesn't quite sink in with me unitl I hear the heartbeat--which I heard today and it was a relief. Everything looks good and I get to have my ultrasound in 3 weeks! I couldn't believe it when they told me. I just keeps getting earlier and earlier! I mean, I found out with Eden at 26 weeks, with Tayleigh at 24, with Seth at 21 and now with this one it will be at 18! I can't wait. We will finally be able to buckle down and focus on one gender of names. It cuts the choices in half and without that I don't know if our child would ever get a name!

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aaron&marianne said...

geez girl- i seem to know the second i am preg- so happy to hear everything is going well with this fourth one!

Rock said...

Did you go to Julie? I will be so mad if you didn't :)

Alyssa said...

I'm the same way - going to the doctor really makes it sink in. I'm glad you found a doctor/midwife. Were any of the suggestions made here helpful? I wish we could get together sometime! I miss you, Miss Rachel!