10 February 2008

My Favorite Things. . .

Sorry, no pictures this time, nothing exciting has been happening. And when something exciting did happen, i.e. Braxton's baby blessing in Provo, I of course forgot the camera. But between a sick husband and screaming Seth, I don't think I would have had much time for pictures anyway!

I just thought that I would share my two new favorite things: Winder Dairy and Seed Catalogs--especially Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Kind of random, I know. Okay, so I am on this new kick of supporting local business, especially food production. And I discovered Winder Dairy that exists in West Valley City. And they deliver the food to your door. Yes, it is a little more expensive, but better quality -And they bring it to your door. Do you know what a wonderful thing it is to not have to drag 4 kids (I babysit a little girl 5 days a week) to the grocery store once a week? I still have to go about once a month for the more random items, but that I can do.

And Seed Catalogs. I ordered a couple off the internet and when they arrived I spent hours pouring over them dreaming of all of the exciting things that I can grow in my tiny backyard that doesn't actually have a garden plot, just a border of dirt. Well, I have every intention of cramming that bit of dirt full of every thing I can fit. In addition to the normal things that I ordered (tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, peppers) my curisosity has taken over and I am going to grow "bright lights chard" which I have never tried and wanted it because I think it is gorgeous and

tabasco peppers, which I also think are beautiful. So if any of you closet gardners out there want to be inspired try http://www.rareseeds.com/. And if any of you expert gardners out there have any advice--feel free to share!

2 people think my kids are cute!:

aaron&marianne said...

gardening is so cool- i am really into designing our landscape right now, it's not vegetables but it's dirt and shrubberies- same idea- make it grow, right?

and myka is looking at your family blog title and asking to visit eden- i told her wehave to wait for summer...we'll see!

Mother Goose said...

I thought about you while we were at Disney. I remembered how much fun I had riding with the girls on all the fantasy rides. That was fun! Miss you guys!