18 February 2008

The Greatest Card Ever Made

I think more than anything else the favorite thing was the musical card that Emily gave to Eden. When you open it, it plays the Sleeping Beauty waltz. Tayleigh thought it was the coolest thing ever and for the rest of the evening thought that every card recieved would play music when opened. It was pretty funny to see her tear every card away from the recipient so that she could open it.

Even more funny was the girls dancing to the card. I think the batteries are going to wear out pretty fast on this one!

Sorry the movie is so dark and closeup. I couldn't get in a better position with little boy crawling all over me!

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Mother Goose said...

I love how she freezes everytime the card stops and starts again in the same spot.

Avery had one of those talking cards that she loved. It went everywhere with us because sometimes it was the only thing that would make her stop crying. I'm so sad that I can't find it anymore!