18 February 2008

Early Birthday Party

Today we had Eden and Emily's birthday dinner. In preparation I thought it would be fun to decorate for the occasion and so with a small amount of help from the girls, I put up crepe paper and balloons in the living room. Long before I was finished the girls gave up and went upstairs to play. When I was all done they came down and were in awe. Eden asked me if I had done it all by myself without even Daddy helping and when I told her I had she asked me, "Aren't you even tired?" We had Grandma and Grandpa and Emily and Adam over for dinner and then opened presents.

Emily gave Eden tickets to Princesses on Ice. (Tayleigh gets to go to.) I'm not sure she really gets it yet what she gets to do, but Emily also gave her a shirt with all of the princesses on it to wear to the show. When Tayleigh heard that she asked, "What am I going to wear?"

Tayleigh was willing and ready to help open presents. Eden wasn't so excited about that.

Emily is a bit nicer than Eden and let both the girls help her open her presents.

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traskfamily said...

That girl in the photo almost looks like me. WIERD!!