01 February 2008

Channeling Madonna

Emily came over this evening and the girls wanted to show off some of the stuff that they got in Hawaii. Tayleigh managed to find her hula skirt but Eden couldn't. Not to be outdone put on something she "knows Emily has already seen it, but I couldn't find my skirt." She came in wearing this. Notice the glove on one hand. It is too bad I couldn't capture some of the dance moves.

It was also appropriate that Tayleigh was wearing her grass skirt and running around like a little barbarian.

2 people think my kids are cute!:

aaron&marianne said...

that's so fun! myka loves madonna's 'music' cd and asks to hear it all the time...

my cousin is getting that info for your sister!

kristina said...

your kids are so beautiful! Bella loves these pictures, she loves to dress up too! we miss having you in our ward!