15 January 2008

We love Leis!

When we got to the airport Amy, Sam, Tayleigh, Seth and I got separated from the rest of the group. During that short space some cute girl came up to Sam and put a beautiful orchid lei around her neck asking her if she would like to have it. When she saw Tayleigh's eyes get big she made her boyfriend give her his lei and put it on Tayleigh. The girls were thrilled. When the rest of the group joined us the other girls coveted those leis openly. They got passed around quite a bit. To top it all off, when we got to the hotel I was walking through the lobby with the girls and a lady came up to us with two more leis (Tayleigh's was in the car at the moment) and asked if she could give my girls her leis because she was finished with them. Of course the girls were ecstatic and I accepted. Finally that night Amy took her girls exploring and found the welcome desk where they were giving away a black lei, which she picked up for all of the girls. Five leis in less than a day. Just another reason to LOVE Hawaii.

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